First Dances – Wedding Choreography

One of the most important moments of the big day, your first dance will be something that you remember for years to come.

We will help you make your big day truly special!

First dance lessons and choreography


Wedding dance choreography


You will no doubt be apprehensive about dancing in front of your nearest and dearest, we pride ourselves on working with you to create a personal moment that is truly special, whilst also ensuring you are relaxed and confident. Let us help you amaze your wedding guests and create a wonderful memory of the most special occasion in your lifetime. First dance classes are the most effective way to reduce nerves and boost confidence, whilst enjoying the romance of learning to dance with the person you love!


Where and when?

One of our experts will teach you in the comfort of your own home, or another location of your choice.*  Our private dance lessons are scheduled on days and times that suit you, so evenings, weekends and day times are absolutely fine.


But I can’t dance?

Our classes do not require any previous dance experience and even complete beginners will enjoy their first dance feeling relaxed and confident. Even if you have never danced before or believe you have ‘two left feet’, we will tailor both the classes and dance to you, so that you can feel confident AND look fabulous!


What should we do?

From simple steps and classic elegance to a chart topping flash mobbing extravaganza, your bespoke choreography will match your your personality as well as your natural style and ability. We will talk through all of your options, as well as listen to your ideas and add some of our own, so that your first dance is perfect for you. Want your bridesmaids to get involved and be your back up dancers? Sure. Want the groomsmen to carry you on the the dance floor? Absolutely fine. Think that’s all a bit much and would prefer a traditional waltz? Of course. Our professional dance teacher will choreograph your first dance to encompass everything that is you.

Fun first wedding dance

*There will be an additional studio cover charge for lessons that require studio space, please contact us to discuss your options.