How do I book a Private Dance Lesson?  

Click here to book online, here to email, or call us on 0207 193 9522


How much space do I need? 

We recommend a clear space of at least 4 x 4 metres in order to proceed safely and enjoyably.


I don’t have space at home, can I still take classes? 

Yes, classes can take place in any space you have access to and would like to learn in, we can also arrange for your classes to take place in a central London studio. Studio hire fee’s will be additional to class fee’s and will depend on the particular studio used and time of the class. If you would like to book a studio session please call us to arrange.


What about music?

Your instructor will provide the music. We will ask you during your initial consultation whether you have an iPod dock, CD player, speaker system with lead, or any other type of operating system. Feel free to request any type of music or particular song for your class!


I don’t have anything to play music on? 

Don’t worry! We can have your instructor bring something along with them, just let us know during your initial consultation.


Who will teach me?

The majority of our tutors are all working professional dancers, and therefore their availability changes week by week, (sometimes day by day when it comes to music video’s!). That’s the great thing about learning through us, you are being taught by the absolute best, who are otherwise unable to commit to teaching due to the demands of the profession. Another plus side is that you are able to train with a variety of individuals who all bring something different to the table. Let us know what style you wish to learn, and whether there are any shows/companies/artists that you have a particular interest in, and we’ll make sure we send you a teacher that suits. If you do find that you would like to continue learning with the same instructor, we will endeavour to fit your classes around their and your schedule, so that you may continue with the same person.


What should I wear?

We ask that for all classes*, you wear loose fitting clothing that allows you to move, work gear/jeans/clothing that restricts your movement is not suitable.

*If taking regular Ballet lessons, we ask that you wear the correct attire, e.g. Ballet tights, and Ballet shoes. If you or your child are taking regular classes in Ballet, and/or are working towards exams through syllabus work, uniform is necessary. We can advise on where to purchase, or arrange this for you if you’d like.


Which areas of London do you teach in?  

We mainly operate in Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Sth Kensington, Primrose Hill, Hampstead, Regents Park, and Marylebone, however we cover all areas within travel card zones 1-6. If your area is outside of Greater London, we may still be able to assist you, please contact us to discuss.


What are your t&c’s?

Our terms and conditions can be viewed here


Is there a way to make the classes more affordable?  

Our class cards are a great way to save money if you have regular lessons. We also allow up to 4 students (space permitting) in private lessons at home, you can get a group together and share the cost!


What hours do you teach private dance lessons?  

Our office hours are 10am – 6pm, however we can arrange classes to take place anywhere between 7am and 10:00pm.


I’m pregnant is it suitable for me?

Dancing is a fantastic and fun exercise during pregnancy! Not only do you get the thrill of moving your body to music you love, but your baby may learn to love it too! Please let us know if you are pregnant and we will ensure that your instructor is aware and prepared for this, dancing is fine but certain movements are not and we want to make sure you are safe and in good hands. Whilst there is no reason you should not dance whilst pregnant, everybody is different, therefore we do ask that you check first with your healthcare provider.